Liste des morceaux
1-I can’t give you anything (F)
2-Ain’t misbehavin (Eb)
3-Please don’t talk (Eb)
4-Tenor madness (Bb)
5-Fly me to the moon (C)
6-Georgia (F)
7-Night and day (C)
8-Do you know (C)
9-Rose de picardie (Bb)
10-Lullaby of birdland (Fm)
11-Softly (Cm)
12-On the sunny side (C)
13-Perdido (Bb)
14-Summertime  (Am)
15-It had to be you (F)
16-Out of nowhere (G)
17-Honeysuckle rose (F)
18-I’m beginning to see the light (Bb)
19-Now the time (Bb)
20-What a wonderfull world (F)
21-Black and blue (C)
22-When you’re smilling (Bb)
23-Sweet Sue (G)
24-Blues (F)
25-Beautiful girl (Dm)